Team Building Adventures in St. Augustine

In addition to our daily trips, St. Augustine Eco Tours offers customized group adventures and team building programs. All programs are catered specifically to your group’s size and goals. Whether it is a fun eco tour or a team-building event complete with ice breakers and team goals, our experienced staff will provide a memorable experience.
(Our group coordinator is available to discuss the options and customizations depending on the size of your group, budget, and schedule. Email us at

Kayak Eco Adventure

This adventure will begin with some fun ice breakers to pair up and then an on-land instruction to get everyone comfortable with their equipment. Then we will paddle out in our very stable and comfortable kayaks. Your guides will teach you about the eco-system and wildlife as you paddle leisurely through the beautiful salt marshes. No experience is necessary for this program.


Kayak Team-building Adventure

Take our kayaking tour to another level by incorporating a team-building mission. No experience is necessary. After our on-land ice breakers and instruction we will set out on a goal of either circumnavigating a Julia’s island, or paddling to it and going through our beach obstacle course of games, all depending on daily tides. Our facilitators will customize this program to your group’s specific goals. Whether it’s a group of coworkers or colleagues who rarely get together, we’ll be sure everyone is laughing through this program!


Research Boat Eco Adventure

Our research vessels were selected specifically for safety & wildlife viewing. Our passionate captains will teach you all about the wonders of our waterways. Boats are equipped with hydrophones to listen to dolphins & fish under water, binoculars to view and identify birdlife and refractometers to measure the salinity of our waterways. Check out what lives in the bell of a jelly ball, or watch an osprey snatch a mullet from the river. These trips are incredibly educational, memorable, & relaxing experiences for any group.


Eco Scavenger Hunt

1 or 2 groups of 6 will board our Eco Research vessels for a challenging scavenger hunt. Groups
will brainstorm for answers to clues and then navigate their way to the various points on the


Eco Extravaganza

This program is totally a-la-carte and works for large groups. Our group coordinator will sit down with you to customize an adventure that incorporates our research vessels, kayaks, and catamaran sail boat. This may include various programs throughout your stay in St. Augustine, or a one day back-to-back adventure team-building sail and cruise adventure which will ensure your group will be left with plenty of memories!