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Can I make reservations on-line?2016-02-07T17:06:17-05:00

You sure can! Just CLICK HERE.

St. Augustine Eco Tours also takes reservations by phone seven days a week from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you are looking for a private or team building tour just call us for a reservation or you can take advantage of our local knowledge and ask about our favorite places to stay, parks, restaurants and other activities offering great experiences. Our adventures are all about you, the customer, and we want to be sure you get all the information necessary to pick the best activity, know what to bring, what to expect and help in finding your way to our location.

What should I bring on a tour?2015-09-24T19:13:52-04:00

Boat & Sailing Tours
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, water, windbreaker or jacket.

Kayak Tours
Sunscreen, hat, camera in case or zip-loc, shoes that protect top of toes. Water to drink. Long sleeves in cooler weather.

I have a disability. Will I still be able to get in and out of the boats?2017-01-02T16:25:50-05:00

We have had great success accommodating passengers with disabilities on all the trips, kayak, boat, and sailing. Please call to discuss the loading and unloading procedures for each trip type. We can then determine what will work best and make sure you are comfortable. It was students from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind that inspired our use of underwater microphones on the research boats. We can hear snapping shrimp, drum fish, and dolphin echolocation and communication.

Are there age restrictions for your tours?2015-09-24T19:15:22-04:00

The boat and sailing tours are appropriate for all ages. How appropriate? Newborns, in the cutest life jacket ever, ride in mom’s or dad’s arms and the most experienced guests are treated to the VIP seat in the back of the boat with great back support. The kayak tours are for ages six and up. This has everything to do with attention span and being still for 90 minutes in the front of a kayak. If you have a five year old that shows great interest, exceptions can be made.

Where are you located?2017-01-02T16:25:50-05:00

We are located at the marina in historic downtown Saint Augustine
Click her for map and directions

Our backcountry trips leave from various county and state park locations. Upon booking detailed directions are given via emailed or phone.

Is there parking?2015-09-24T19:16:46-04:00

All parking is first come first serve parallel parking in front of the marina. Please walk if possible.
The meters accept coins and are $1.50 per hour up to 3 hours. You may refill your meter after 3 hours without moving vehicle.

You may also use the PAY METER machine located across the street from the marina to print a ticket to put inside your windshield.
This works even when parked in front of a coin meter.

The parking garage is about a 20 minute walk. Parking is free on Sundays and holidays but not always easy.
PLEASE, give yourself ample time to find a parking spot, walk to marina, hit restrooms and general store
and be ready to go 10 minutes before your reserved trip.

Also remember we are in the heart of the historic district so every thing you want to see and eat is 5 to 10 minutes away on foot.

Are there alligator and sharks on tours?2015-09-24T19:17:13-04:00

It’s very unlikely that you would see a shark or alligator on any of our excursions departing from the marina in the historic district.  We will occasionally see an alligator on our backcountry kayak trips–but this is rare and usually an added bonus to the trip.  Seeing an alligator on a backcountry trip is not dangerous to paddlers, as your 15 foot kayak makes you the bigger presence in the water.  On occasion passengers aboard our Research RHIB and Catamaran vessels are lucky enough to see sharks feeding on bait fish.  This is a rare occurrence and seeing sharks from the safety of one of our vessels poses absolutely no threat to passengers.  Sharks and alligators present in aquatic habitats are indicators of a healthy ecosystem.

I booked a tour. Now what?2015-09-24T19:17:44-04:00

Pay no attention to weather forecasts, we will check conditions 30 minute before each trip and make decisions that are in your interest. Make sure batteries are charged in cameras, bring your favorite refillable water container, and think of as many questions as possible for your wildlife guide. Make sure you know where we are located and allow ample time for parking, rest rooms, etc. If you have booked weeks in advance call us when you arrive for a refresher.

What if the weather is bad? Will my trip be cancelled?2015-09-24T19:18:33-04:00

“Leave the weather to us.” Our adventures are all about you and we will not send boat or kayak trips out in weather that jeopardizes safety or the experience of the guests. Trust us to make a well educated decision and if weather presents itself immediately before a trip we will cancel or reschedule the tour. Cancelations due to weather are at the discretion of the boat captain or kayak guide. If you haven’t heard from us an hour before the trip head on down to the marina.

What is the cancellation policy?2015-09-24T19:24:43-04:00

Here at St. Augustine Eco-Tours we enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you decide you need to change times, or the number of guests in your group or anything that will affect the tour, you must give us at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled trip time. If you cancel within the 24 hour period, the card will still be charged for the full price.
The cancellation policy for the offsite trips is 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of your trip. Do not get that confused with the 24-hour cancellation policy for the marina kayak trips.

Do you guarantee seeing dolphins?2015-09-24T19:24:57-04:00

We have never guaranteed any type of wildlife on our tours, it is not ethical or practical . That being said we do extremely well observing fascinating birdlife, marine organisms, sea turtles, dolphins and rare manatees. Each experience is different than the last. This satisfies the curiosities of the guides and offers a different perspective for returning guests. We see the most wildlife on the dolphin and nature boat excursions. We observe wild dolphins from the appropriate distance on approximately 97% of these adventures. The sailing adventures do not cover as much ground as the research boat and follow the course of the prevailing wind. Dolphins are seen on over 80% of these trips. Chances of seeing dolphins on a kayak tour are better than 50%. Bring a great attitude and good thoughts on your adventures with St. Augustine Eco Tours

Can you just pencil us in?2015-09-24T19:25:05-04:00

Actually, since we take such small groups we need names and a credit card number to hold the spots, so if you’d like to talk with your party and give me a call right back we can get you on the books.

Can I wear flip-flops or go barefoot in the kayak? Why?2015-09-24T19:25:16-04:00

Well, you have to wear shoes, cannot go barefoot and we recommend sandals with a back strap or tennis shoes because they protect your feet. We will keep your feet dry while getting in and out of the kayak so don’t worry about that. Once in the kayak, it’s better to have something that will stay on your foot because you use your feet to move the rudder.

How often do the Kayaks roll over?2017-01-02T16:25:50-05:00

We use top of the line Necky Kayaks that are some of the most stable kayaks in the Industry. Rolling the Kayak happens very rarely and the chances of it actually happening are slim.

Will I get seasick on the boat tours?2017-01-02T16:25:50-05:00

No, the boats we use are state of the art research boats which keep you comfortable and dry. There are a few different places to sit in the boat as well so you can pick what spot is best for you.

How long are the trips?2015-09-24T19:28:39-04:00

The length of the trips depends on what trip you are taking. The Kayak trips have a 2-hour time period, which includes a 15-minute paddling clinic and 15 minutes to get everyone in the water. The actual amount of time paddling is 90 minutes. The Boat excursions are 90 minutes long.

If you have never kayaked before, what is the best kayak trip to go on first?2017-01-02T16:25:50-05:00

If this is your first time kayaking with us or in general, we recommend doing our trip that leaves out of the Marina in downtown St. Augustine. It is a smooth, easy paddle that will be a good first trip for you. If you want to come back and find you have a newfound love for kayaking, we have many different off-site trips available for our more seasoned paddlers.

What will we see most of on the tours?2015-09-24T19:29:40-04:00

This also varies on what tour you go on, because on the boat excursions you go much further then the kayak tours. Typically, the most wildlife we see on the kayak excursions are estuary birds, with a 50/50 shot of seeing a dolphin. On the boat tours you will see mostly any and everything on any given day, except for maybe a manatee seeing as they are very rare to see.