See the city from the water on our Nights of Lights Boat Tours. St Augustine Eco Tours

Nights of Lights

This year we have a couple of options for you. Our Popular Nights of Lights 6 or 12 seater boats or our Sunset Sail on the Catamaran is another great option.


Boating Expeditions

Select from the popular Dolphin, Birding & Nature Tour, Photography Tour, Beachcombing Tour or contact us about a private Eco Tours adventure.


Kayak Adventures

We offer one of the most unique and user friendly kayak tours in the Southeast. Extremely stable tandem kayaks with rudders make steering a breeze for beginners or the more experienced paddler.


Sailing Excursions

Let the wind take you into the habitats of dolphins and wading birds as you breathe in the fresh air and just relax. Passengers are welcome to help work the sails if conditions are suitable.


Private Tours

Team building, Family Gathering, Romantic Proposal, Intimate Wedding Ceremony. You tell us what you’d like to do and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

St. Augustine Eco Tours was founded as an educational resource for the local and extended community. The goal of our programs is on-water interpretive experiences that focus on environmental education, conservation, and wildlife and habitat protection.
Constantly striving to reduce our impact as a company, we operate the most fuel efficient boats with engines that produce ultra low emissions. We have adopted new technologies to reduce print advertising impacts and operate a paperless back office.

Our continuing goal is to give back to the community through research and presentations. In the future, we will take this a step further by building a program that offers under privileged schools the opportunity to get on the water for natural observation experiences.

St. Augustine Eco Tours combines over fifty years of experience in the ecology based tourism industry and understands that, now more than ever, important measures must be taken to maintain ethical observation standards. We have the ability to teach thousands of guests about the importance of local wildlife and habitats and understand that with this opportunity comes great responsibility.

St. Augustine Eco Tours utilizes kayaks & research/ rescue style boats to introduce guests to a variety of distinct habitats surrounding St. Augustine. We have chosen all of our equipment based on safety and responsible interaction. Our boats and kayaks are the safest in the industry, professional quality, and meticulously maintained. Boats are ultra fuel efficient and outfitted with underwater microphones, binoculars, and marine specimen collectors. Our kayaks are the most stable on the market and are replaced annually. All kayaks feature rudders for steering control, this makes the experience much better for beginners & experienced paddlers. Our research boats, as well as the kayaks, allow us to reach responsibly in to the shallows of the salt marshes while offering a great viewing platform for eye to eye encounters.
Boat & Sailing Tours
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, water, windbreaker or jacket.

Kayak Tours
Sunscreen, hat, camera in case or zip-loc, shoes that protect top of toes. Water to drink. Long sleeves in cooler weather.

Our adventures are all about your experience and we don’t send boat or kayak trips out in weather that might jeopardize your safety.  Our Guides spend their lives on the water, so please trust us to make a well educated decision regarding the weather.  We do NOT make advance cancellations as we all know, half the time the forecasts are wrong!  We simply ask that you show up for check-in and if the weather turns bad immediately before a trip we’ll discuss options such as delaying the tour, canceling, or rescheduling.  If one of our Captains or Kayak Guides cancels your tour due to weather – you will NOT have to pay.
parkingIf convenient, we recommend walking to our office for your tour.
If you drive, please allow 15+ minutes to find a parking spot.
Parking in historic St. Augustine can be a challenge, but once you have a spot everything you’ll want to see is within a 10 minute walk! Most parking in downtown is parallel street parking for a charge of $1.50 per hour (up to 3 hours). Meters accept coins or the parking machines (scattered throughout town – see photo) accept dollar bills, credit cards, or coins.  If you use the parking machine, insert your payment and place the receipt in your windshield (even if you’re in a spot with a meter).

You may stay in the same parking space beyond 3 hours as long as you refill the meter or pay machine. Parking is FREE on Sundays, holidays, and from 5PM to 8AM Monday-Saturday. The visitor parking garage is a 20 minute walk from the marina.